Video Surveillance For Car Dealerships

Car dealerships have expensive inventory, which makes them susceptible to theft. As such, video surveillance is a much need security measure for car dealerships. Vehicles depending on the make and model can run from a few thousand dollars to a few hundred thousand dollars. Many dealerships keep their inventory right out on their parking lots. This is a high level of exposure. The more prestigious the automobile the more susceptible it is to theft.The Benefits Of Dealership Video SurveillancePreventing TheftVideo surveillance cameras that are placed in different areas around lots help prevent thieves from stealing vehicles. They can also help identify car thieves. Cash For Cars Sydney

Track CustomersTracking customer’s habits can be valuable marketing data. If you combine the video with analytics, you can use this data to improve your profit potential.Protect Building, Employees, And CustomersSurveillance cameras help to free up your employees. It allows them to perform other duties though it should not replace general vigilance.Future IntegrationSome larger dealerships may want to consider integration. A networked security system that uses internet protocol cameras or IP cameras are essential to any integration. An integrated security system at a dealership may include integrating the following: